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If you are a small business, offering services, you probably are working out of your Email inbox rather than copy and paste your stuff over cloud-based business tools such a Vtiger or sugarCRM or others. And I think there is nothing wrong with it. Depending the size and if you need collaborators or not, this may be a good solution for you. And there is nothing wrong with this. If you are using Gmail (or Googlemail in some parts of Europe) you may avail of the power of being able to combine several mailboxes together by fetching emails from there and to be able to send as those emails addresses. You feel that it’s easier to not leave and or copy and paste stuff around to get organised. And you may be right. Let me show you a few things to get your inbox under control and to make your Gmail a lightweight CRM. […]

The News has broken, Lastpass has been the victim of an attack. While it’s not know if and how much impact that has at the moment, I’m personally not majorly concerned about my vault because I use some additional security settings which I layout here. In this case still rule No. 1 Change your master password immediately. Then login into your vault and into your settings to make those additional settings: -> Account Settings -> General -> Show Advanced Settings   ->   Scroll down to “Country Restriction” and activate to “Only allow login from selected countries” and select the country you are located in and in which you use Lastpass as well if you are traveling regularly. Example Also it’s strongly advised to use a 2-factor authentication which asks you always when you login from a new device for a second pin code that should be on a […]

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