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  • Ubuntu 22.04 – Fix grub dual boot with windows

Ubuntu 22.04 – Fix grub dual boot with windows

Ubuntu 22.04 doesn't show Windows on grub dual boot any more. Here is how to fix.

Android Apps under Windows 11 (non Insider Nov 2021)

How to make Android Apps run under Windows 11

Windows 10 – Conexant smartaudio HD no sound even though the driver is installed and OK

Upgraded an elderly Advent Laptop with a Conexant Smartaudio HD sound chip to Windows 10. It all went generally smooth and giving it some RAM (2GB) the Laptop runs well enough…

Remmina & Windows 10- fixed: Unable to connect to RDP server

Got this when trying to connect to a Windows 10 Technical Preview using Remmina after a Windows upgrade. Somewhere, somehow the key must have changed. I fixed that by deleting…

Windows 10 TP (Technical Preview) – Autologin user on boot

Possibly not the most secure solution but in my case I got a VM and want to autologin to a user on bootup of the Windows 10 TP (Technical Preview). Here…

Windows 10 TP (Technical Preview) – Teamviewer black or flickering screen

After one of the recent Windows 10 TP (Technical Preview) updates (I have now build 9879), Teamviewer remote connection stopped working and is either showing only a black screen or…

Windows – Check the battery charging cycle and health

Just looked into an issue that my laptop battery seems to not charge enough properly or at all. A first check for the battery health could be delivered by a…