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Obsolete, do not use. A) Zpanel is not designed for Nginx b) Zpanel has moved on and is forked as Full credit for the first part goes to khanhicetea Installation zpanal module add-ons zppy commands Troubleshooting Step 1 : Disabled SELinux by changing /etc/sysconfig/selinux with SELINUX=disabled Step 2 : Reboot server. reboot Step 3 : Become root and download the installer script : su – root cd /tmp wget Step 4 : Run it chmod +x ./ Step 5 : Follow instruction to install Step 6 : Reboot server again reboot Step 7 : Login in to ZPanel and set Enabled NGINX Module. Browse to http://ipadressoftheserver login with the details from the install script Step 8 : increase file limit in PHP vi /etc/php.ini upload_max_filesize = 60M #or whatever you want afterwards service php-fpm restart service nginx restart Step 9: Afterwards install additional Modules A list of Zpanel Repos could be […]

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