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Excel 2007 – Create Custom Pie Chart (For Example With Horizontal Data) 1) To Start off, you have a table looking something like this. 2) Goto Ribbon “Insert” – in Charts Bar select “Pie Chart” and choose the pie chart of your choice. We can and will change the layout later. 3) Right click in the empty new chart field and click “select data” 4) In the “Select Data Source” Window click on “Add” 5) In the “Edit Series” Window – “Series Values:” remove “={1}” and select firstly the row with the data you want to report on. Just select the data cells not the tile. (marked with RED in the screenshot) Afterwards click on the “Series Name” and select the title of the data ie. the title of the graph. (marked with BLUE in the screenshot) Click OK afterwards. 6) Back to the “Select Data Source” Window click on “Edit” […]

This task was so easy that I couldn’t find it in the first place. Condition is, I don’t want to remove duplicate cells or rows because I like to see first what is duplicate to delete myself. Under “Data” there is a “Remove Duplicate” command which deletes my duplicates. And that’s what I don’t want to archive.   Plan B: Highlight my duplicate Cells: 1. Select the columns or rows where you want to find the duplicate cells. 2. Go to the “Home” Tab and click on “Conditional Formatting” -> “Highlight Cells Rules” -> “Duplicate Values” 3. In the “Duplicate cells that contain” pop-up select “Duplicate” and the highlight color.  And don’t forget “OK”   There you go. Related posts: Excel 2007 – Create Custom Pie Chart (For Example With Horizontal Data)

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