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Proxmox: Rename a standalone node (hostname)

Update 2021-01-09 DO NOT USE THIS PROCEDURE FOR NOW AS ITS OUTDATED AND BREAKING THE CONFIG Doing some cleanup and had to rename a nodename of an existing standalone Proxmox…

RedHat 6.x/CentOS 6.x: Rename RHN Satellite (Spacewalk) Server

In relation to rename a server which was acting as a Satellite server. Howto change the Hostname of a RHN Satellite server (Spacewalk Server) 1) you need to change the server to…

RedHat 6.x/CentOS 6.x: Rename or change the hostname temporarily or permanently

Fairly easy task I want to rename my RedHat host. Temporarily change the hostname: hostname NEW-HOSTNAME If you like to change it permanently: vi /etc/sysconfig/network And change the host details in there. Then restart the network service network restart…