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In the wake of the current Truecrypt FUD. It seems not too widely known that you can encrypt your data with zfs for quite some while. And it also works along with compression and deduplication. However this applies only to ZFS zpool version 30 onwards (introduced with Solaris 11) while zfs on Linux currently still runs on zpool version 28. So its not running there. To read a bit in detail on how it works you will find here a few interesting posts. How to Manage ZFS Data Encryption Introducing ZFS Crypto in Oracle Solaris 11 Express Having my secured cake and Cloning it too (aka Encryption + Dedup with ZFS) The encryption options are: aes-128-ccm (default) aes-192-ccm aes-256-ccm aes-128-gcm aes-192-gcm aes-256-gcm Only CCM supports encryption along with compression and deduplication so I ditch the GCM and go for (putting my weak half torn tinfoil hat on) aes-256-ccm. I’ll create a new Filesystem […]

Here you get a running NTP client in 1 minute: RedHat/CentOS/Scientific Linux Install NTP in Debian/Ubuntu Solaris (9,10,11) RedHat/CentOS/Scientific Linux sudo yum install ntp chkconfig ntpd on Make saure you have a few server in the ntp.conf # cat /etc/ntp.conf |grep server # Use public servers from the pool.ntp.org project. server 0.centos.pool.ntp.org server 1.centos.pool.ntp.org server 2.centos.pool.ntp.org #or for Redhat server 0.rhel.pool.ntp.org server 1.rhel.pool.ntp.org server 2.rhel.pool.ntp.org check for the servers by using # ntpq -pn remote refid st t when poll reach delay offset jitter ================================================================== 3 u 8 64 3 36.923 12.195 11.683 .GPS. 1 u 6 64 3 27.578 2.822 3.068 2 u 8 64 3 17.190 3.408 2.773 Set the server and time by selecting one serer to contact: service ntpd stop ntpdate -b 0.rhel.pool.ntp.org service ntpd start check date: date   Install NTP in Debian/Ubuntu #apt-get install ntp ntpdate ntp-server This will […]

  Solaris 11 Cheat SheetAlways good to have something like this handy. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/solaris11/documentation/solaris-11-cheat-sheet-1556378.pdf Oracle Solaris 11 Express Information Library http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19963-01/index.html#admin-info Oracle Solaris 11 Documentation http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E26502_01/ Collection of Oracle Documentations http://docs.oracle.com/ Related posts: RedHat/CentOS/Scientific Linux/Debian/Ubuntu/Solaris: Quick NTP Client config Solaris: ZFS encryption with deduplication and compression Solaris: Usefull commands Determine Solaris 32 bit or 64 bit version Linux / RedHat /CentOS / Ubuntu / Debian /Solaris : Quick Howto SSH login without password (SSH Keys) Solaris: Procedure to Re-layout the Solaris OS Disk

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