It's back ...
I run into some severe issues
(with my hoster too) and decided
to rebuild from scratch now on a VPS.

As you may notice I have not only a new layout
but it's also much faster than before.

A few things need some flesh out which will happen over the next few days

What was initially planned as an online
Solaris Cookbook and Wiki has matured to much
more than just a few Solaris How-tos.

The purpose of this is to share experiences,
How To’s and useful hints not only for the
Solaris Operating System.

This is a collection of useful commands which
were used on systems before but we can’t and
will not give a guarantee or take response or
support for them.

Please consider them as a guideline to give an
idea for the own system. Using these tricks will
happen on own risk.

Make a backup of the needed files before changing
anything on the system.

BOFH excuse of the day


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