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The initial reason reason for installing BTRFS was that I like the zfs features of snapshots, compression and deduplication. Deduplication under btrfs is possible but somehow external and I don’t trust it until I was able to trash my system here. See here on how to do it and I will give it a try with a test system soon. But compression my second important thing is working fine and is super easy. All I did was to enable the compression flag under /etc/fstab and all newly created data will be compressed. On how the compression works please refer to here. I edited the fstab to look like following: vi /etc/fstab UUID=f4705516-4eac-435c-920c-1f2be8fa07af /               btrfs   defaults,autodefrag,discard,clear_cache,compress=lzo,[email protected] 0       1 UUID=f4705516-4eac-435c-920c-1f2be8fa07af /home btrfs defaults,autodefrag,discard,clear_cache,compress=lzo,[email protected] 0 2 After a loads of updates and other messy stuff, it looks like the following. # df -h / […]

I’ve mentioned earlier on how to fix the root FS filling up with snapshots generated by apt-get upgrade Now assume I do need to rollback because of whatever went wrong. First, if you haven’t installed yet apt-btrfs-snapshot (because of this) we do it now and then we upgrade. apt-get install apt-btrfs-snapshot # apt-get upgrade Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree Reading state information… Done Calculating upgrade… Done The following packages will be upgraded: evolution-data-server evolution-data-server-common evolution-data-server-online-accounts gir1.2-ebook-1.2 gir1.2-ebookcontacts-1.2 gir1.2-edataserver-1.2 google-chrome-beta libcamel-1.2-45 libebackend-1.2-7 libebook-1.2-14 libebook-contacts-1.2-0 libecal-1.2-16 libedata-book-1.2-20 libedata-cal-1.2-23 libedataserver-1.2-18 locales 16 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. Need to get 52.4 MB of archives. After this operation, 8,133 kB of additional disk space will be used. Do you want to continue? [Y/n] y …….. Done. see the snapshots we now have # btrfs subvolume list / ID 257 gen 8126 top level 5 path @ ID 258 […]

In addition to my ZFS adventures I recently also installed Ubuntu 14.04 with btrfs as root. While the installation was straight forward and went fine I spotted that after some while my root FS was increasing and increasing without any real reason. Up to then I didnt realise that whenever I run an apt-get upgrade btrfs creates a snapshot. You can see those snapshots by using # btrfs subvolume list / ID 257 gen 8065 top level 5 path @ ID 258 gen 8062 top level 5 path @home ID 326 gen 6506 top level 5 path @apt-snapshot-2014-05-15_21:01:13 ID 327 gen 6507 top level 5 path @apt-snapshot-2014-05-15_21:01:13/@ ID 330 gen 6518 top level 5 path @apt-snapshot-2014-05-15_21:05:49 ID 331 gen 6519 top level 5 path @apt-snapshot-2014-05-15_21:05:49/@ ID 334 gen 7304 top level 5 path @apt-snapshot-2014-05-22_16:01:03 ID 335 gen 7317 top level 5 path @apt-snapshot-2014-05-22_16:08:00 ID 336 gen 7318 top level 5 path […]

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