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As part of upgrading / rebuilding with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and the sheer amount of packages that come with the upgrade or port fresh install, I looked into how to speed that up a bit further. I mentioned already before apt-cacher-ng to run a local proxy and avoid downloading the same packages over and over for multiple systems. However on 2 systems I have a huge amount of sources.lists which makes even the apt-get update process very slow / time consuming. So I looked into how to speed that one up bit. in Fedora/CentOS/RedHat there is a tool called deltarpm which adds support for downloading the deltas to generate new or updated packages. The there is a similar tool in Ubuntu / Debian. Debdelta “debdelta is a program suite designed to compute changes between Debian packages. These changes (deltas) are similar to the output of the “diff” program in that they may be used to […]

This is nothing really new, but definitely worth tracking because it just make sense and works fine. If you either virtualise or have otherwise many Debian / Ubuntu / Centos / Fedora based servers and workstations and want to keep them updated regularly, you do this over the internet for each and every instance. This utilises bandwidth and takes time to download particularly if you don’t have a some big internet connectivity. The principle is that you setup a proxy server for apt or yum which caches and serves on duplicate request the packages and therefore you will save time and bandwidth. The first device fetching the package will trigger the proxy to cache it and the next instance will receive the cache package from the proxy. This will reduce the used bandwidth and volume of the internet line and speed up the update due to using a local available cache. […]

I constantly get annoyed when I add a new repository and get for example an: GPG error: http://archive.getdeb.net oneiric-getdeb Release: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY A8A515F046D7E7CF If you are good you have anywhere handy the command: wget -q -O- http://archive.getdeb.net/getdeb-archive.key | sudo apt-key add – to add the key for the particular repository. I rarely am that good so I have to run: sudo apt-key adv –keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com –recv-keys A8A515F046D7E7CF And off I go… Related posts: Ubuntu: Some Usefull Commands Hardware lister lshw Ubunty Unity-2D Unity optimisation RedHat / Ubuntu / Solaris / Linux: Slow SSH logins (5 second delay) Ubuntu / Mint: Install latest Nvidia drivers

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