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Something old came back to me recently… In relation to the discussion under!topic/android-x86/xs9_mShRyFQ Situation: A netbook with Ubuntu (or any other Linux) and Android each on a separate partition. sda1 250M ext2 boot partition sda2 3GB ext4 Ubuntu sda3 600m ext2 Android installation under /android-4.0-RC1 folder GRUB 1 (0.97) Now how to modify grub 1 to boot from sda3 android to avoid getting “file not found”. Boot and login to the Linu running on sda2 (or sda1) 1. Get your uuid # sudo blkid /dev/sda1: UUID=”0b2328bf-707a-4b5e-98b4-b4b75ebb0480″ TYPE=”ext2″ /dev/sda2: UUID=”530f0371-2172-4711-8f03-fcd59087bb2b” TYPE=”ext4″ /dev/sda3: UUID=”4d324fc8-3af7-49cf-a48d-796a7c939307″ TYPE=”ext2″ This gives you the uuid’s for each partition. You will need the one for your android partition (sda3) 2. Then we modify the Grub 1 menu under /boot/grub/menu.lst* * If this file doesn’t exist then there is a chance that you have a system not older than max 2 years which has Grub 2 (Version 1.89) Then please follow […]

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