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This was driving me bonkers since a few weeks. I know the only constant in the world is the quality of MS products, and this proofs the case once more. However its a preview and I have good faith that maybe it will be fixed before the final or latest in SP2 or 3 😉 Update 13.03.2013 it appears this has not been fixed in the final release and I wonder if this will be fixed ever. I added a few screenshot to make it clearer where to look for the issue in case it’s not the Abbyy Finereader. Issue: Word or Excel 2013 crash or close after start. Windows 7 x67, Abbyy Finereader installed Possible solution: Do you have by any chance Abbyy Finereader installed. If so then I suggest you do the following for each Application (Word and Excel). 1. Start Word (or Excel) in safe mode. Hit […]

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