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Cinnamon in Ubuntu 11.11 (OneiricOcelot) and 12.04 (PrecisePangolin)

How to install Cinnamon to Ubuntu 11.11 (OneiricOcelot) and 12.04 (PrecisePangolin) At presence: Cinnamon can be installed to Ubuntu 11.11 (OneiricOcelot) by using the Stable PPA while 12.04 (PrecisePangolin) is only supported by…

Unity optimisation

Assuming someone is working on unity there might be 2 applets which are crucial to install 1. CPU frequency scaling applet in unity Indicator applet for displaying and changing CPU frequency…

Ubunty Unity-2D

There comes the time when you might update a slow specked device (Netbook) to a more recent Ubuntu version with Unity and realize somewhere after the install that “It seems that you do…