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Both Metadevices of a mirror have “State: Needs maintenance” Whenever you run into a broken SDS Mirror, beware of the following status:   d1: Mirror Submirror 0: d11 State:Needs maintenance Submirror 1: d10 State:Needs maintenance Pass: 1 Read option: roundrobin (default) Write option: parallel (default) Size: 12584484 blocks (6.0 GB) d11: Submirror of d1 State: Needs maintenance Invoke: after replacing “Maintenance” components:  metareplace d1 c0t1d0s0<new device> Size: 12584484 blocks (6.0 GB) Stripe 0: Device     Start Block  Dbase        State Reloc Hot Spare c0t1d0s0          0     No     Last Erred Yes d10: Submirror of d1 State: Needs maintenance Invoke:metasync d1 Size: 12584484 blocks (6.0 GB) Stripe 0: Device     Start Block  Dbase        State Reloc Hot Spare c0t0d0s0          0     No           Okay Yes       Whenever you have the above status, you will have tofix firstthe submirror thatdoesn’tstateLast Erred. The submirror withLast Erredshould beleft always to be fixed at lastto avoid corruption.     So in the above […]

SUN Operating System Disk Replacement Procedure Even though it seems to be a easy task to replace the OS Disk there are often issues on the correct replacement. Follow this rough guideline for Disk replacement. This procedure assumes that the main disk (c1t0d0) has failed and the mirror disk (c1t1d0) is working properly.   1. Log into the server console as root. 2. Check the current metadevices configuration metastat -t metastat -p >> /etc/lvm/md.tab metadb -i 3. Detach the failed disk from the mirror. On this case all metadevices pointing to c1t0d0 disk. metadetach -f d1 d10 metadetach -f d2 d20 metadetach -f d3 d30 metadetach -f d4 d40 metadetach -f d5 d50 metadetach -f d6 d60 4. Clear the metadevices of the failed disk metaclear d10 metaclear d20 metaclear d30 metaclear d40 metaclear d50 metaclear d60 5. Remove the replicas from the bad disk metadb -d /dev/dsk/c1t0d0s3 6. Unconfigure […]

Procedure to Re-layout the Solaris OS Disk Note: Before proceeding with this procedure is very IMPORTANT that you follow the following pre-requisites. a) Capture the current partition table layout of the OS prior to the re-layout Part  Tag         Flag  Cylinders   Size        Blocks 0     root        wm    0 –  2177   3.00GB      (2178/0/0) 6292242 1     swap        wu    2178 – 3629 2.00GB      (1452/0/0) 4194828 2     backup      wu    0 – 24619   33.92GB     (24620/0/0) 71127180 3     unassigned  wm    3630 – 3644 21.16MB     (15/0/0)    43335 4     unassigned  wm    3645 – 3659 21.16MB     (15/0/0)    43335 5     unassigned  wm    3660 – 5837 3.00GB      (2178/0/0)  6292242 6     unassigned  wm    5838 – 6563 1.00GB      (726/0/0)   2097414 7     unassigned  wm    6564 – 2461924.87GB     (18056/0/0) 52163784 b) What is the NEW layout we want to have? Part        Tag         Size 0         root        8.00GB 1         swap        8.00GB 2         backup      33.92GB     <– This is the size of the disk 3         unassigned  21.16MB     <– Metareplicas […]

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