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Update History: 15.10.2014 – Broken qpkg btsync 1.4.76 update to BT Version 1.4.91 BTSync is THE killerapp for my NAS. It seperates me from all the cloud storage flaws out there. Unfortunately the current version provided by Qnap qpkg btsync 1.4.76 is broken and buggy like hell. There is a new version available from BTSync but i may take a while until it gets updated by QNap. There is a way to manually update it. Disclaimer: This worked for me fine from 1.4.76 as a base. There wont be any support from Qnap on this method. The download link provided below is for the ARM CPU QNap NAS. If you have an Atom CPU please fetch the right package from http://www.getsync.com/download. You need to ssh to you Qnap NAS as admin. and follow those steps. cd ~admin wget -O ~admin/btsync.tar http://download.getsyncapp.com/endpoint/btsync/os/linux-arm/track/stable tar xvf btsync.tar We need to stop btsync and wait a bit till […]

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