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Ubuntu: Howto drastically speed up Firefox Make firefox store its cache in the /tmp directory — which when we have moved it to a tmpfs according to this wiki is *fast*. Firefox 3.x uses a sqlite db that creates many write accesses, so this can reduce it: In Firefox go to (type as url) “about:config”, right click, add new string „browser.cache.disk.parent_directory“ with value “/tmp/firefox” In Firefox change options/security/ and disable phishing if you dare. – Your firefox will run even faster then but won’t warn you about phishing any more so take care! Alternatively, to speed up Firefox further, enter “about:config” (without the quotes) as an url in Firefox, then change the following settings: // disable disk and offline cache set browser.cache.disk.enabled: false set browser.cache.disk.capacity: 0 set browser.cache.offline.enable: false set browser.cache.offline.capacity: 0 // just as a precaution add browser.cache.disk.parent_directory: /tmp // apparently safebrowsing slows things down – disable at your […]

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