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SUN Operating System Disk Replacement Procedure Even though it seems to be a easy task to replace the OS Disk there are often issues on the correct replacement. Follow this rough guideline for Disk replacement. This procedure assumes that the main disk (c1t0d0) has failed and the mirror disk (c1t1d0) is working properly.   1. Log into the server console as root. 2. Check the current metadevices configuration metastat -t metastat -p >> /etc/lvm/md.tab metadb -i 3. Detach the failed disk from the mirror. On this case all metadevices pointing to c1t0d0 disk. metadetach -f d1 d10 metadetach -f d2 d20 metadetach -f d3 d30 metadetach -f d4 d40 metadetach -f d5 d50 metadetach -f d6 d60 4. Clear the metadevices of the failed disk metaclear d10 metaclear d20 metaclear d30 metaclear d40 metaclear d50 metaclear d60 5. Remove the replicas from the bad disk metadb -d /dev/dsk/c1t0d0s3 6. Unconfigure […]

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