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This is a bizarre one. Either I wasn’t able to search for the right pages and posts or it’s simply poorly documented. Particularly under Proxmox (I will need to bump up my opennode to check on that one). One of the best features there, are the turnkey templates. Seriously, a few clicks and you have loads of great appliances up and running powered by turnkey templates. Sadly they are all Debian based but thats another story. But deploying and get it running such a template kind of was not straight forward. This applies to a “new” turnkey 13.1 template (I tried the nginx) You download the templates through the gui -> create a new CT -> give it your root password -> select the template -> install -> boot ->ssh to it (or maybe even try the Proxmox console) -> fail. At least in 3 cases on my systems I […]

I’m a new fan of Nagios XI. The Core version is simply to complex and difficult to manage and I love to (KISS) keep it simple and stupid. A first try to install NagiosXI on Proxmox under KVM resulted in a performance disaster. (load of 40.x and I have no idea why) In general unless there are very good reasons for portability, security or snapshot features, I’m more a fan of Containers (OpenVZ or Zones for Solaris). They are simply more performant and don’t have that overhead KVM virtualization brings with. However one negative side-effect of Openvz is for example IPtables. IPtables under openVZ are a nightmare. When you know what you do, you secure the container from the Host and wont need IPtables on the CT. But my problem was that NagiosXI needs (kind of) Iptables for its automated install script. So I had to work around anbit to get it running on the CT and know what .. […]

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