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Situation: A move of a VM failed and left me with the VDI (Virtual Disk) and the VM on the old “location” and a VDI on the designated new location (something like this). When you try to delete the new failed location the delete field is grayed out with a note “This Virtual Disk is active on VM Control Domain on VM. Deactivate the Virtual Disk before deleting.” Firstly try to identify the uuid of the VDI: (I used the XenCenter and changed the description to “delete” to have an indicator that I picked the right VDI). xe vdi-list This will come back with all Vdisks and their uuids. Pick the one you have the issue with. Example: uuid ( RO) : bc67a8c9-5bf5-4eb0-b643-31d4f4f0de2f name-label ( RW): XPVM-Spiceworks-Disk0 name-description ( RW): delete sr-uuid ( RO): cf2b964c-baf4-5283-7a46-5b3f1170a321 virtual-size ( RO): 21460156416 sharable ( RO): false read-only ( RO): false That’s my disk and […]

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