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Based on this very useful web page http://web.archive.org/web/20121228004700/http://users.wowway.com:80/~captainkirk/computers/SolarisILOMALOMCheatSheet.htm which is unfortunately offline now… so here for reference. Solaris ILOM / ALOM Cheat Sheet ILOM ALOM CMT Command Comparison ALOM: ILOM: setdate set /SP/clock datetime=value value format: MMDDhhmmYYYY setdefaults set /SP reset_to_defaults=all -> reset /SP This resets the SP setkeyswitch set /SYS keyswitch_state=value value= normal, diag, stby, locked setsc set target property=value setupsc No equivalent in ILOM setlocator set /SYS/LOCATE value= Fast_Blink or off setfru -c data set /SYS customer_frudata=data showplatform show /HOST showplatform show /SYS ( to view Serial Number ) showfru No equivalent in ILOM showusers -g # show /SP/users showhost show /HOST showkeyswitch show /SYS keyswitch_state showsc param show target property VIEW DIAG LEVEL show /HOST/diag setsc diag_level set /HOST/diag trigger=All-resets none, normal, User-reset, Power-on-reset, Error-reset showdate show /SP/clock datetime showlogs show /SP/logs/event/list showlogs show /SP/faultmgmt set /SP/logs/event clear=true showenvironment show -o table -level all /SYS shownetwork show […]

Just dusted 2 old V240 and powered them on. Well one of them … Of course no mention of the ALOM passwords but I was able to find out one. Unfortunately the other had of course a different one which I couldn’t guess. Lucky me, that box was able to start the OS so … cd /usr/platform/`uname -i`/sbin #which is /usr/platform/SUNW,Sun-Fire-V240/sbin scadm userpassword admin #to change the password of the SC ALOM And change the password to something to forget the next time again. Note: scadm works on the V series but not on the T series servers. Related posts: Sun / Solaris / ALOM : Solaris ILOM / ALOM Cheat Sheet Solaris: Usefull commands Determine Solaris 32 bit or 64 bit version Solaris 11 Cheat Sheet and other Oracle Documentation RedHat/CentOS/Scientific Linux/Debian/Ubuntu/Solaris: Quick NTP Client config Linux / RedHat /CentOS / Ubuntu / Debian /Solaris : Quick Howto SSH […]

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