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Update 02.03.2015: added (modified) Centos / Redhat: A successor to compcache is zram which is fully integrated in the Linux kernel since and uses lzo compression. The idea behind it is to create swap devices made of chunks of the ram and to compress those chunks on the fly to increase the available space used and ideally reduce the need of swapping to slow disks. It uses a small extra amount of the CPU, however, the reduced i/o usage should more than make up for this. This is primarily interesting for a small scaled VPS, Netbooks or low memory devices. Also virtualisation hosts should benefit of compressed memory. Unfortunatly the zram-config script is currently not part of the Debian and Centos distributions. I will run some further tests and update here. In Ubuntu, from 12.04 onwards, the install script is included and it takes only a minute to setup zram. How to […]

My Ubuntu Netbook Is So Damn SLOW !!! Since Ubuntu 10.11 I spotted that Ubuntu is sometimes getting extreme sluggish on my Atom Netbook and starts to swap even though I have plenty of free memory. as per http://www.ubuntuvibes.com/2010/08/ubuntu-why-my-netbook-is-so-damn-slow.html Swap memory is used as an alternative to RAM. It is a small partition in the hard disk, that is used to give your system extra memory when your RAM is full. However, it is not as efficient as RAM and quite slow. By default the swappiness is set to 60 for Ubuntu. The swappiness parameter controls the tendency of the kernel to move processes out of physical memory and onto the swap disk. Because disks are much slower than RAM, this can lead to slower response times for system and applications if processes are too aggressively moved out of memory.  Swappiness have values between 0 to 100. If it is zero it […]

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