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For a Sharepoint 2007 list I would like to have a calculated column that calculates a 2 way status based on a calculation of days between 2 dates. (ex: project time status) Prerequisites: We have a Sharepoint 2007 list We have at least “design” level permission (Can create lists and document libraries and edit pages in the Web site)  to the site where the list is located we have 1 column called  [Scheduled GMT] (default Date and Time type) we have 1 column called [today] (default Date and Time type)  At present I was not able to find a useable and workable solution to populate the today column automatically with todays date unless the entry is updated. So for now I update the [today] column manually in a separate hidden column user for my calculation. We now go to -> Settings ->  List Settings -> create column give the column a name “ex: […]

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