Upgraded an elderly Advent Laptop with a Conexant Smartaudio HD sound chip to Windows 10.
It all went generally smooth and giving it some RAM (2GB) the Laptop runs well enough with Windows 10.

However something weird was going on with the sound. Even though the driver is installed and seems to work there is no sound at all coming out.

This was already happening with the TP Versions but also persists on the Final Release.

Here is how I make it squawking.

1. Check we’re on the same page with our issues.

If you have a marked driver as failed then you surely have some other issue.

Right-click the Start button and go to device manager and you see in the device as running and all seems fine.


In the taskbar click the speaker icon and check that you have the volume set up.


Here we go.

  1. Right-Click on the Speaker Icon
  2. Go to Playback devices

  3. Click on your device (Speakers Conexant) and on “Properties”

  4. Click on “Enhancements”

  5. Disable all enhancements and click Apply

That did the Job for me. Now test it.

In the very same window click on “Advanced” and test the output.


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